Doula Support

What is a Birth Doula?

A birth doula is a labor coach who is present before, during, and after the labor process. Doulas provide education of pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum experience. They are a source of continuous physical and emotional support during the labor for the mother.

Parvati Birth & Wellness supports the Mother and her birth process. Home, Birth Center, Hospital, VBACs (Vaginal Birth after C-section), and planned C-sections are all covered under the birth support.

Types of Doula Support:

Education- birth options, nutrition and exercise, advocate for birth plan, intervention education, immunization information, lactation and postpartum resources 

Physical- Continuous care, massage, aroma therapy, birth positioning, breath and non-medicated pain management.

Emotional- Continuous care, encouragement, creating a supportive and safe space for labor.


Doula Support is associated with:

  • Shorter deliveries

  • Less chance of complications and possible unwanted C-sections 

  • Fewer medical interventions

  • Increased chance in breast feeding success

  • Reduction in postpartum depression symptoms

  • Improved APGAR scores


$400 deposit for prenatal visits

$600 due before going on-call for your birth

$200 Placenta Encapsulation (optional)