Prenatal Yoga

The combination of movement, breath work and meditation in prenatal yoga benefits the expecting mother through creating a deeper mind/body connection. The gentle stretching offers a release for sore muscles and a chance to strengthen muscles needed to birth baby. The breath-work can calm mother and baby. It can also be used to empower and invigorate.  Meditation helps to focus the mind, keeping it from distractions that may hinder labor.

Women who exercise during pregnancy tend to have a better overall attitude towards pregnancy and labor.  Starting an exercise program before or during pregnancy will help limit weight gain and prevent injury.  Women tend to have less maternal discomfort, less complications, and shorter labors with less intervention when they have a regular fitness routine during pregnancy.

Parvati Birth & Wellness offers prenatal yoga classes that are a restorative oasis in the middle of a busy life. Check in with baby, nurture yourself, and experience the support of others going through the same journey. Tune into the wisdom and power of your mama-intuition as you navigate the changes that pregnancy brings. Class will therapeutically address the common discomforts of pregnancy while gently and effectively preparing your body for birth and your soul for motherhood. We practice poses and breathing that are useful in labor and for promoting optimal fetal positioning while also developing the strength and grace that will support you in your birth experience.

Women who exercise regularly during pregnancy, improve their fitness, return to their pre-pregnancy weight, lose fat, and do not become injury prone.
— James F. Clapp, M.D.

Postnatal Fitness

Postnatal fitness and recovery starts from the smallest muscles of your deep core, allowing for a "full" strong core. With a strong core, the woman is less prone to many of the side effects of pregnancy, labor, and birth, such as poor posture, weakened pelvic floor and uterine prolapse.  Exercise post-birth helps to increase energy and to reduce the effects of the "baby blues" and  postpartum depression.

Parvati Birth & Wellness offers postnatal physical recovery classes to spend time learning how to reconnect with the muscles that make up your pelvic basket. This strengthening will help create a good foundation for better posture, a more supportive core, and help with pelvic floor complications.


Personal Training

In-home personal training comes with a custom-made fitness program for the prenatal and postnatal woman. This individualized program encourages the use of the woman's environment as a "Gym".  This encourages the woman to have a consistent exercise practice.

Group physical training is a wonderful way for women to gather together and encourage healthy exercise practices. The cost for a session remains the same regardless of the amount of women participating.  A group of 3 or 4 is ideal.

Training sessions will teach specific exercises that focus on the prenatal and postnatal body. Sessions can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.


Custom fitness program: $70

Training Sessions: $70 per hour